Meanwhile, across the pond…

…is a new organization called the Alliance of Pro-Life Students (APS).  Their mission is to “build university communities in England, Scotland and Wales that have a lasting and profound respect for human life from fertilisation to natural death.”

More pro-life societies (i.e. clubs) have been popping up on the universities within the UK and the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, formed by current and former students leaders from a number of these societies, will be:

Building pro-life societies by encouraging students of all religious backgrounds and none to start their own societies.

Supporting pro-life societies by: providing educational resource packs and databases of speakers and reliable sources; helping with event organisation and networking; standing up for the rights of pro-life students to peacefully speak out on life ethics.

Connecting pro-life students: with each other online through our website forum and face-to-face with specialist training days; with other pro-life organisations for internships and volunteering opportunities.

 APS’ first launch event is only ONE WEEK AWAY and we are wishing them all the best as they work to build, support, and connect pro-life post-secondary students in their nation.

Rebecca (on left) and Eve Farren of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students during their meeting this summer.

Our Central Office had the pleasure of meeting with Eve Farren, APS’ Executive Director, this summer (see photo below).  We have since enjoyed staying in touch to talk strategy and share ideas.  And, although many differences exist between the UK and Canada, we found we share a lot in common, including facing similar obstacles on campus.  We look forward to staying in contact and continuing to build this international relationship.  We may be separated by an ocean, but we are united in the cause to bring the pro-life message to the environment that needs it most: university campuses. Find APS on Facebook. 

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