University of Toronto Students for Life: Unfinished business part 1: The Baby Joseph case

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by Danny Ricci. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

Blogging has been lighter than I wanted lately but thanks to Michael and Blaise for helping me out! There were two comments on this blog that I had not responded to and I just thought I would use them as another post. I wanted to rebuttal this comment by Sam Sansalone:

You stupid little fools. You don’t cut, slice, poke, and invade someones body on their deathbed. The little guy deserves peace, without invasive procedures. Grow up and learn a little.

Thanks for the comment Sam. Maybe it was not clear enough in the original post, but this is not a case of euthanasia but rather a case of parental rights. I have also corrected the category of the original post.

This is not a case of euthanasia because removing the ventilator would not have caused the death of baby Joseph. Rather, baby Joseph would have either survived or died due to his medical condition. Euthanasia is an act that causes the death of someone with the intent of relieving suffering. This was not the case for baby Joseph.

The problem in this case was that the parents wanted to have a tracheotomy done so that baby Joseph could die in their care while the hospital wanted to remove the ventilator and baby Joseph would have probably died in a short time. The parents had the tracheotomy done on their first child about 8 years ago and wanted the same for baby Joseph.

As an update, baby Joseph is in a children’s hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and doctors are coming up with a treatment plan for him.

Therefore, the main question in this case is “Who has the right to decide?” . Do parents have the right to decide what is in the best interest of their child, even if it goes against medical advise?  We hope, and parents hope, that the answer is yes and we continue to pray and hope for the best for baby Joseph and his family.

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University of Toronto Students for Life: Baby Joseph saved from removal of life support

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by Danny Ricci. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

My friend, Nicole Lau, tipped me off to this story. Baby Joseph, who was to have life support removed today at 10 am (ironic that it is Family Day in Ontario) after being diagnosed with severe neurological issues, has been given more time on his ventilator. Lifesitenews has the story.

One-year-old Joseph Maraachli of Windsor, Ontario, who was to have his life support removed Monday at 10 am. against his parents’ wishes, will now not die on the day that Ontario residents celebrate as Family Day.  A hustle by pro-life and anti-euthanasia groups resulted in a change in legal counsel, which has led to at least a temporary stay of removal of the child’s ventilator……

In a statement released today, London Health Sciences Centre said it has received a request from a Michigan hospital “to review Baby Joseph Maraachli’s medical information regarding the feasibility and appropriateness of a potential patient transfer.” 

“Our focus at this time is to work with the family on a patient care plan and to continue to provide compassionate and dignified care and comfort to Baby Joseph,” said the statement.

The Superior Court was no help to the parents either:

But in January, the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario sided with the hospital, and a date for removing Joseph’s respirator was set.  The family was able to hold it off by filing an appeal with the Superior Court.

Superior Court Justice Helen Rady also sided with the hospital, saying that Joseph is in a permanent vegetative state with no brain stem reflex. However, Joseph’s family members have said that the boy still responds to stimuli.

It is sad that parents have to fight so hard to have their children be with them, even if it will be for a short time. Please do read the rest of the article and join the facebook group in support of Baby Joseph.

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University of Toronto Students for Life: Pro-lifers don’t help people after birth?

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by Danny Ricci. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

We’ve all probably heard that old canard that pro-lifers only care about the unborn but after that the mother is on her own. This article in Lifesitenews strikes that argument down well. Here are the highlights of what pro-lifers do after birth:

- 2,300 affiliates of the three largest pregnancy resource groups in the United States, Heartbeat International, CareNet, and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)

- Over 1.9 million American women take advantage of these services each year

- These centers provide services including pre-natal care, STI testing, STI treatment, ultrasound, childbirth classes, labor coaching, midwife services, lactation consultation, nutrition consulting, social work, abstinence education, parenting classes, material assistance, and post-abortion counseling

- The Catholic Church, probably the single most influential pro-life institution in the United States, makes the largest financial, institutional and personnel commitments to charitable causes of any private source in the United States

- Pastor Bill Devlin at the Manhattan Bible Church, along with other church families, have adopted scores of babies, and taken in scores of pregnant women, including some who were both drug-addicted and HIV positive

Also check out Aid to Women, an organization that helps women going through an unplanned pregnancy. Pro-lifers do care about all life: From conception to natural death.


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Adoption Campaign Launches

An adoption campaign has launched, providing information and resources for women who may be facing an unexpected pregnancy.

As the website mentions,

“How many women in Canada choose adoption? Over 60% of pregnancies result in the woman choosing to parent and 40% end in abortion, but only 2% of all pregnancies will lead to an adoption. The unfortunate truth is that many people have not heard about the many positive results of adoption, and don’t know about the help that is available for mothers-to-be who go through the adoption process.”

This campaign features:

The campaign also debunks myths about adoption, demonstrating that adoption is not abandonment, deception or an unbearable sacrifice.

Anastasia Bowles, the project director, in an interview for Lifesitenews.com stated:

“Birth parents deserve all of the information available about this choice [adoption],” said project director, Anastasia Bowles. “They need to know that times have changed. They need to know that open adoption — where the birth parents select the adoptive families and negotiate future contact and involvement — is common practice today. They need to know that there is help for them and there are people who will support them.”

“We hope to change attitudes with this campaign,” Bowles added, saying that adoption is a “difficult, but heroic, choice.” She lamented the fact that in the past “adoptions were secret, shame-filled proceedings,” and that “adoptees and adoptive parents often suffer due to painful misconceptions and negative stereotypes.”

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