NCLN on The Arena with Michael Coren: Video Clip

On Friday September 2nd, Rebecca Richmond, NCLN’s Executive Director, appeared briefly as a guest on Michael Coren’s new Sun News Network talk show The Arena.

To watch the video clip, click the link below:

Minority View: The Arena with Michael Coren

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NCLN to Appear on ‘The Arena with Michael Coren’ Friday

Tune in this Friday September 2nd to Michael Coren’s new show on the Sun News Network.  Rebecca Richmond, NCLN’s Executive Director, will be appearing on the show as a guest to discuss the issue of abortion.  The Arena with Michael Coren premiered on Tuesday August 30 as a prime time talk show on the network, offering discussion and analysis of controversial issues and current events.

The show will air at 7 p.m. EST.  For more information on the show or on show times in other time zones, please visit their website.

Sun News Network is available on the below channels.  You can also tune in online and watch the show with live streaming.  Videos from the show are also available after the show airs.

Shaw Digital – Channel 177

Shaw Direct – Channels 149 and 517

Rogers in Toronto – Channel 15

Rogers in Ottawa – Channels 66 or 142

Shaw Cable Hamilton – Channel 21

Cogeco Cable Hamilton – Channel 16

Videotron – Channels 79 and 679

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Watch NCLN and pro-life students on TV

On Thursday October 21st, the Michael Coren Show discussed the arrests of pro-life students at Carleton University as well as the broader issue of discrimination against pro-life students on university campuses.

Appearing on the show was Theresa Gilbert, NCLN President, and Rebecca Richmond, NCLN Executive Director, as well as Ruth Lobo and James Shaw of Carleton Lifeline.  Jose Ruba, of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, and Alana Campbell of the University of Calgary Campus Pro-Life, joined us from the Calgary studio.

The show aired 6 p.m. on the 21st as well as 2 p.m. on Friday the 22nd.  The show can now be viewed online here.

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uOttawa Students For Life: Pro-Lifers Appear on Michael Coren Show

This post was written for uOttawa Students For Life by uOttawa Students For Life. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

On October 21, former uOSFL president Rebecca Richmond, and current Executive Director of National Campus Life Network, appeared on the Michael Coren Show. She appeared along with NCLN President Theresa Gilbert, and Carleton Lifeline’s Ruth Lobo and James Shaw. Jojo Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Alanna Campbell of the Calgary Pro-life club appeared via satellite.

The panel met to discuss the issues of university censorship of the pro-life message, which came to a head in the arrest of 6 pro-life students attempting to display the Genocide Awareness Project at Carleton University earlier this month. In the past three years, 8 university pro-life clubs have met with antagonism from their university administrations over club status or other club rights because of their unpopular and controversial viewpoints. These clubs include UVic, Lakehead, Brandon, and York. Jojo Ruba also highlighted the student protesting he has encountered attempting to deliver his lecture “Echoes of the Holocaust” at St. Mary’s and McGill.

uOSFL would like to thank the University of Ottawa for the fair and even-handed treatment they have given us, in that we have neither lost our club status nor our club funding. However, we have received antagonism from pro-choice groups on our campus, most notably the Women’s Resource Centre, which was very antagonistic of our annual baby-shower fundraiser, which supplies maternity and infant clothing and supplies to women in adverse circumstances trying to raise children, through our partnership with First Place Pregnancy Centre.

We encourage people to watch the video of the Michael Coren Show and to think about the ramifications of this type of thinking not in terms of the pro-life message, but in terms of freedom of speech and censorship.

Read the comments at the uOttawa Students For Life website.

Youth Protecting Youth: Links on comparing abortion to genocide, and free speech on TV

This post was written for Youth Protecting Youth by ypyvicepresident. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

As the date of the “Echoes of the Holocaust” presentation gets closer, and the controversy continues, I invite you to read an excellent piece about the comparison between abortion and the Holocaust (as well as other human rights abuses) written by Zuza Kurzawa, the president of the pro-life club at Queen’s university in Ontario. Zuza was the only non-Carleton student to be arrested October 4, and has written this in response to criticism she has received in regards to her involvement with pro-life outreach that compares abortion to genocide, particulary demands from students on her own campus that she make a formal apology for such comparisons. Definitely worth reading:


Also of interest, discussion of the arrests at Carleton and of free speech on university campuses in general on the Michael Coren show tonight.

Read the comments at the Youth Protecting Youth website.

University of Toronto Students for Life: Michael Coren on the Carleton Arrests

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by Blaise Alleyne. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

Michael Coren discusses the Carleton arrests on his TV show around the 15:30 mark with panelists Laura Babcock, David Menzies, and Matt Gurney (via @NCLN).

We’ve highlighted his excellent coverage of the campus free speech issues that pro-life students face in the past, as he’s often spoken on campuses for pro-life clubs.

Read the comments at the University of Toronto Students for Life website.