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NCLN Symposium Testimony: Catherine Dubois!

Attended Symposium 2013

Catherine, holding a candy with a pro-life fact which she and her club handed out during Brandon University Clubs Days! Clever outreach!

Student at Brandon University

I grew up in a pro-life household but it wasn’t until the summer before university that I put these beliefs into action. A friend and I were discussing how Brandon University didn’t have a pro-life group on campus. Neither of us had much experience in pro-life work but we agreed to try and start a club together. Before I knew it, our simple conversation had turned into censorship and the threat of a legal battle with my student’s union. It took 13 months of fighting with our student’s union and the legal assistance of the Justice Centre for Constitution Freedoms before we were granted club status. Twenty five days after our historic approval I was able to attend the National Campus Life Network Symposium. The support and advice NCLN had provided during our struggle to club status was only intensified at the Symposium. I was thrust into the role of president without a clue as to what that meant and what I was expected to do. The pressure and stress was lifted after sessions where I heard what worked on other campuses, as well as received take-home resources with tips. I became equipped with the knowledge, the resources and the courage to be an active pro-life witness on my campus. And not only that, the Symposium also opened up a network of other active pro-life students across the nation to share ideas with and to find support in. My passion for the pro-life cause was formed and strengthened by the best of the best. I highly encourage anyone to attend the NCLN Symposium and they will discover effective ways to take the pro-life message to their campus, while also making great friends!

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