NCLN Symposium Story: Johanna Miller Delp

Johanna Miller Delp

Attended the Symposium in 2004

Graduate of McMaster University, President of McMaster Lifeline 2005-2007

NCLN President 2008-2010

Currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and daughter .  Volunteers with 40 Days for Life and the local pregnancy centre. 

“Ah, the memories I have from attending NCLN Symposia! One Symposium was not enough – I had to keep attending. Not only is an NCLN Symposium abounding in invaluable pro-life information, but it is the place to recharge our pro-life batteries. Every year I made new friends and watched the student pro-life movement grow. The many seminars and talks I attended helped me improve upon and gather new skills needed to transform my university campus. The NCLN Symposium gave me motivation, year after year, to be a leader on my campus.


After attending as a student, I knew the next natural step was to give back to NCLN, and so I joined the Executive.  I always knew that being at these Symposia was meaningful, not just in my life, but in ways I will never even know. The work of the pro-life movement is of eternal, immeasurable importance.  NCLN is so essential to the university pro-life movement, and an NCLN Symposium is, in my mind, one of the most enjoyable and invigorating ways to support yourself and others in restoring respect for human dignity in our culture.”
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NCLN Symposium Testimony: Jonathon Van Maren

Jonathon Van Maren

Attended symposium as a student in 2009

Graduated from Simon Fraser University

Currently works as the Communications Director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

I was new to the pro-life movement when I decided to attend NCLN’s Symposium, having just been elected president of SFU’s pro-life club. What I realized when I arrived at the Symposium in Toronto was that my little pro-life club wasn’t just a pocket of student activists. It was part of a growing movement, with the infrastructure for that movement being provided by NCLN. I met students from across the country, many of whom I would later develop a personal relationship with. I met pro-life leaders like Jojo Ruba and Dr. John Patrick, who lent us their insight and suggested concrete things for us to do to save lives on our own campus. And most importantly, the Symposium gave me the confidence to go back to my campus and attack the challenges that we faced.

As a number of others who attended the 2009 Symposium, I now work full time in the pro-life movement to EndtheKilling in Canada. It is because of NCLN and the encouragement, resources and connections they provided that I was able to realize that my calling was to work in the pro-life movement. I cannot recommend this Symposium highly enough.

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Introducing Clarissa, NCLN’s New Central Campus Coordinator

By Clarissa Luluquisin

It feels like only yesterday that I was a fourth-year student starting a new school year as President of University of Toronto Students for Life. I attended NCLN’s Annual Symposium in 2009, which gave me the necessary skills and strategies to spread the pro-life message on my campus. NCLN helped me cope with the pressures that came with being President, and continually inspired me to do more for my club. NCLN also helped provide me with opportunities to connect with other pro-life students and the pro-life community at large. Eventually, I came to realize that, “Yes, I can, and will be a voice for life!”

Clarissa, in purple, with students and alumni of the University of Toronto Students for Life.

I am so excited to be working full-time to support the pro-life message on university campuses with NCLN. I look forward to getting to know pro-life student leaders on campuses across Ontario, giving them the voice, hope, and courage that were given to me. The work we will do together is surely a path that will lead to building a culture of life in our country!

Feel free to contact me at central@ncln.ca. This position will be made possible through support raising my salary. If you are interested in helping me reach my support raising goal, please email me or make a donation online at www.ncln.ca/donate!

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$1500 Grant Now Available for Pro-Life Campus Groups

NCLN is pleased to announce the creation of a new grant of $1500.00, to be awarded each year to a deserving campus club!  This grant is  sponsored by The Interim (Canada’s Life & Family Newspaper) and Niagara Region Right to Life, and facilitated by National Campus Life Network.

The purpose of this grant is to recognize the work of pro-life clubs and assist them in their efforts on campuses.  The grant will be given to the group whose event proposal demonstrates creativity, planning, and leadership and will have a substantial impact on the university culture.

Applications, which include the completed event proposal and a tentative budget, are to be submitted to NCLN by Sept 2nd .  The decision will be made by the Grant Sponsors, with recommendations from National Campus Life Network’s staff who work with the groups throughout the year.  The grant of $1500.00 would be presented to representatives from the winning group during NCLN’s Annual National Symposium (Sept 30 – Oct 2) in Toronto.

Students – take advantage of this opportunity!

Contact Rebecca Richmond at director@ncln.ca for an application.   Applications are to be submitted to NCLN by Sept 2nd, 2011.

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