PRESS RELEASE: New Network for High School Pro-Lifers Launched

Toronto, March 30th, 2011 – On Thursday March 24th, the Toronto Right to Life Association (TRL) and National Campus Life Network (NCLN) unveiled a new resource for high school pro-lifers in Canada.  This project, Student Life Link, is a network and resource for high school students to encourage the formation and development of pro-life high school clubs.

Student Life Link features a website containing resources, contacts, speaker suggestions and motivation for students and teachers to start pro-life clubs at their schools.  A Facebook page and group will enable students to share ideas, news, and connect with one another.

Lia Mills, who has garnered attention for her Youtube videos and powerful speaking ability, introduces the project on the new website and invites her peers to join in.  “Together we begin today to shape tomorrow, to build a pro-life Canada,” she says.  “It begins here and it begins now, with you, with me, and with our generation.”

“Young people need more than just the truth about abortion,” adds Rebecca Richmond, Executive Director of NCLN.  “We also need strategies and opportunities to get that message out to our peers and our society.  Getting involved is what builds us into pro-life leaders for not only the future of our country, but also the present.”

This project was inspired by an earlier collaboration between TRL and NCLN on a Student Club Manual for high school students.  Like the manual, modelled on NCLN’s university manual, Student Life Link also draws on NCLN’s expertise and resources from years of working with pro-life university groups and adapts them for the high school environment, an area of focus for TRL.

“Student Life Link will complement the current work and accomplishment of teachers, students, school boards, and local Right to Life organizations.” says Rebecca Richmond.  “Clubs need that local help and support.  What we’re trying to do is add a layer of support that is accessible to students through online media and which encourages collaboration and idea sharing among groups.”

“The tagline and motto of the project is A Pro-Life Canada Starts Here,” explains Paul Klotz, Executive Director of TRL.  “It sums up the growing optimism and confidence of our pro-life youth and we hope it will inspire these young men and women, through their involvement with a high school pro-life club, to choose, support and fight for fight in high school, in university and beyond.”

The project was launched on Thursday March 24th at the 2nd Annual Student Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by TRL, the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Respect for Life Committee, and the University of Toronto Students for Life.

For more information, visit the website at www.studentlifelink.ca or contact Paul Klotz at 416 483 7869 or Rebecca Richmond at 416 483 7869 (office), 416 388 0461 (cell).

photo:  Lia Mills, with Rebecca Richmond, Director of NCLN, and Larissa Zantua, TRL staff member, cuts green ribbon inaugurating Student Life Link

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