Adoption Campaign Launches

An adoption campaign has launched, providing information and resources for women who may be facing an unexpected pregnancy.

As the website mentions,

“How many women in Canada choose adoption? Over 60% of pregnancies result in the woman choosing to parent and 40% end in abortion, but only 2% of all pregnancies will lead to an adoption. The unfortunate truth is that many people have not heard about the many positive results of adoption, and don’t know about the help that is available for mothers-to-be who go through the adoption process.”

This campaign features:

The campaign also debunks myths about adoption, demonstrating that adoption is not abandonment, deception or an unbearable sacrifice.

Anastasia Bowles, the project director, in an interview for Lifesitenews.com stated:

“Birth parents deserve all of the information available about this choice [adoption],” said project director, Anastasia Bowles. “They need to know that times have changed. They need to know that open adoption — where the birth parents select the adoptive families and negotiate future contact and involvement — is common practice today. They need to know that there is help for them and there are people who will support them.”

“We hope to change attitudes with this campaign,” Bowles added, saying that adoption is a “difficult, but heroic, choice.” She lamented the fact that in the past “adoptions were secret, shame-filled proceedings,” and that “adoptees and adoptive parents often suffer due to painful misconceptions and negative stereotypes.”

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