Youth Protecting Youth: Canadians’ Awareness of Abortion Law

This post was written for Youth Protecting Youth by YPY Info Officer. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.



Some time ago, the We Need A Law campaign released this graphic showing the results of a survey. Canadians were asked “As far as you know, when can an abortion be performed in Canada?” Only 8% answered correctly: abortion can be legally performed in Canada “any time up to 9 months.” Babies aren’t recognized by the law until they proceed entirely from the birth canal, actually; there is no abortion law in Canada. And judging from a recent local firsthand account, this lack of regulation does indeed result in relatively late abortions, right here in Victoria.


Why might we find abortions that happen later in pregnancy more distasteful? We might expect the results of earlier abortions to be less graphic and recognizable to view because the unborn baby is less developed. On some level, this is true. However, it’s worth noting that by 3-4 weeks, the baby’s brain, spinal cord and heartbeat are present, and the woman might not even know she is pregnant yet.

But when we forget that each unborn baby is human and start focusing on his or her level of development, we begin to lose our respect for all human life. With that said, we can still use the huge gap between what Canadians believe about abortion law and statistics and the reality as a starting point for conversation. When we bring an important and controversial issue to light, it’s helpful to establish common ground with those who we hope to educate. And with so few Canadians well-informed about these issues, there’s plenty of opportunity for dialogue.

Read the comments at the Youth Protecting Youth website.

WeNeedALaw Pamphlets Available Now

And we have a bunch in our Western and Central offices! If you would like a few dozen or a few hundred for use on your campuses, email westerncanada@ncln.ca (for BC-MB campuses) or central@ncln.ca (from Ontario – Maritime campuses).

MANY of our peers are completely uninformed about the status of abortion in our country.  Often they are surprised and shocked when they are told the truth: Canada is the only democracy with NO abortion law. This can be a great starting point for dialogue.



WeNeedALaw’s website also features a great and easy way to contact your MP to write to him/her about the abortion issue – even if you have no idea who your MP is!  Check out their SimpleMail feature.

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