Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Written by Anastasia Pearse

Yesterday I went to a presentation by Wendy Davis, hosted by Simon Fraser University. Her presentation was entitled “Walking and Talking: Using your Feet and your Voice to Change the World.” Wendy is the former Texan Senator known for her 11 hour filibuster in 2013, where she attempted to block Senate Bill 5, which placed restrictions on abortions and higher standards on abortion clinics.

Wendy  highlighted how throughout history, injustices were fought by individuals who stood in others’ shoes. For example, it was a court of males who voted to give women the right to vote, and it was white men who gave black Americans equal rights. Victims so often depend on the feet and voices of others in order to have their rights fought for.

whos shoes are you walking in

I agree that in the face of injustice we must stand in the shoes of the victims. But why are we ignoring the 100,000 children who die each year in our country because of abortion? Why are we not walking in the shoes of these victims? Why  are we turning a blind eye to the children being denied their fundamental right to life because of their gender, or disability, or because they may be seen to be an inconvenience to their parents? Why are we allowing the euphemistic terms of women’s “choice” and “reproductive rights” to mask the reality that these women are in fact victimizing their children?

Wendy Davis, we cannot ignore the injustice of abortion and the victims it creates. For we see that abortion does not in fact empower women, but rather victimizes them and their children. It’s time that we walk in the shoes of these victims, and question abortion.

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