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Not too Cool for School

(School is actually cool.. we just wanted a catchy title..)

While some people take off some time for vacation in the summer, Anastasia Pearse heads into the classroom for the month of July. Despite working full-time as the Western Campus Coordinator of NCLN, Anastasia also is completing a Masters of Arts degree in Leadership, specializing in not-for-profit work, at Trinity Western University in Langley B.C.


She is entering her second year of the program and it has proved to be a great fit for her, allowing her to learn and study more about leadership in not-for-profit organizations as well as directly applying that knowledge to her work with NCLN.

This masters program, part-time during the year, involves a full month of classes in July.  Anastasia is still checking her emails, but is technically on “vacation” so don’t panic if you can’t reach her immediately.

Don’t forget that you can reach NCLN’s staff in the Toronto office: 416 483 7869

                Clarissa Luluquisin, Central Campus Coordinator, central@ncln.ca

                Rebecca Richmond, Executive Director, director@ncln.ca

                Kathleen Dunn, Communications Intern, kathleen@ncln.ca

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A Warm Welcome to Anastasia Pearse, NCLN’s New Western Campus Coordinator

Anastasia is grateful to have this opportunity to continue to promote the pro-life cause. She is looking forward to using her experiences to help university pro-life clubs share the pro-life message, a message that is too important not to be heard.

Anastasia has always been pro-life, and what has most confirmed her position has been seeing the development of her siblings from the womb onwards. Being the eldest of 9, she has had plenty of opportunities to see this development. However, it wasn’t until university that she became actively involved in pro-life work. During her five years at the University of Victoria Anastasia was involved in the pro-life club, Youth Protecting Youth. As president she worked hard to maintain the club’s status amidst strong pro-choice opposition from their students’ society.

During this time she led the club through a lawsuit, which they filed against their students’ society who had denied Youth Protecting Youth club status because of their stance on abortion. Through her perseverance and support from fellow club members, the BC Civil Liberties Association, and NCLN, the case was settled out of court on the club’s terms, and Anastasia succeeded in keeping a vibrant pro-life presence on campus. Throughout the controversy Anastasia gained invaluable experience coordinating events, creating and presenting appeals, and interacting with the media. It was through encountering such strong opposition to her pro-life beliefs that she truly came to understand the vital importance of the cause, and the necessity of actively furthering it.

Throughout the five years of her university degree the most valuable lessons Anastasia learned were from working with the pro-life club. However, her degree in Recreation and Health Education also provided her with opportunities to promote the pro-life cause, as she spent two work terms with seniors and people with disabilities. Through these experiences she witnessed firsthand how all people have inherent value and beauty, regardless of age or ability.

As Anastasia steps into her role as NCLN’s Western Campus Coordinator, she encourages students to keep persevering in their pro-life efforts on campus; we cannot neglect our peers who need to be exposed to our life-affirming message, and we cannot afford to remain silent when so many lives are at stake.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.

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