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University of Toronto Students for Life: A Satire on a Woman’s Right to Lose

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by Danny Ricci. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

My fiancee’s cousin, Leah D’Ettore, has a lot of writing talent. Here is one of her poems that I want to share (I hope she does not have this copyrighted!):

A Satire on a Woman’s Right to Lose
O, Statesman of justice and reform!
O, merciful terror of the unborn!
Justice is that which fills your life with ease;
Bull in a china shop, aiming to please;
You staunchly defend the strong from the weak
By silencing those with no voice to speak.
So your feminist polls begin to bloat
‘Cause the lives that matter are lives that vote!
O! Bah! Maock all those wretches who object
To your platform of murder and neglect.
Dismiss them as hateful, behind the times!
Don’t give them a chance to denounce your crimes.
‘But!’ you slyly cry, ‘it’s her right to choose!
And she has no right to cause her to lose
Her career, her life, her independence!’
O, hero of truth; slayer of infants!
‘Her happiness is my concern,’ you lie,
As all her chances for happiness die.
Hitler and Stalin – they would envy you!
Yours is a holocaust just, and cleaner too.
No chambers of gas, just hospital beds,
Where innocents to the slaughter are led.
Where, in the name of woman’s sacred right,
You will extinguish woman’s sacred light.
-          A One Time Foetus

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uOttawa Students For Life: How to Support Roxanne’s Law

This post was written for uOttawa Students For Life by uOttawa Students For Life. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

A vote on Roxanne’s Law will be held on Wednesday, December 15, in the House of Commons. The goal of Bill C-510 is to provide legal protection for women who are being coerced into having an unwanted abortion. There are a few things we can do to show our support for this worthy initiative. First, write to your MP to let him or her know that you support the bill. You can use sample letters or print off and mail in a postcard. Next, sign the online petition. And then make a video! Click here for straightforward guidelines and see the sample above for inspiration. (The project is led by a religious group but all are invited to participate.) Don’t delay in showing your support!

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uOttawa Students For Life: Unsafe, Legal and Wrong

This post was written for uOttawa Students For Life by uOttawa Students For Life. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

by Marissa Poisson

An Ontario judge ruled on Tuesday that Criminal Code laws against keeping a common bawdy house, living on the avails of prostitution and communicating for the purpose of prostitution violated women’s Charter rights to freedom of expression and security of the person. (Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, but many of the activities associated with it are. Both the federal and provincial governments announced they will appeal the decision.)

What does this have to do with abortion? Firstly, I would say that proponents of prostitution and abortion have in common the idea that legalizing something dangerous makes it safe. Prostitution may become less hidden if the decision survives the appeals, but exploitation does not become safe by virtue of being legal. Similarly, legalized abortion does not change the nature of the procedure. It may be done in government-funded clinics now, but it is still chemically toxic or physically invasive for the woman undergoing it and deadly for her child.

Secondly, I’ve never met a little girl who says she wants to be a prostitute or have an abortion when she grows up. Women are driven to these things by desperation. A few vocal women may claim to be thriving as prostitutes, but most are addicted to drugs, undereducated and abused, and some are victims of human trafficking. Abortion, for its part, is sometimes used to cover up sexual abuse of minors and illicit relationships, and many women feel pressured to abort by outside expectations.

Thirdly, legal is not synonymous with moral. We don’t have to look far in history to find examples of this. Rulings on abortion and prostitution have been based on security of the person, but the safest thing would be for people to stay far away from both. We need to work to eliminate the conditions that lead women to these supposed choices because no legal ruling can make right what is inherently wrong.

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Brock Students for Life: Opening Your Eyes

This post was written for Brock Students for Life by Brock Students for Life. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

By James Martyres

For many who start to become pro-life, there is the question “so what do I do now?” or “what am I standing up for?” Most importantly, there is the idea that you want to show the rights of the human being.

Being part of the pro-life movement has shown me how people sometimes fail to see the reality of things. Through the years I have come across many that oppose my view. They have said that it is the women’s right to do what she wants, to choose to have an abortion. But that’s not always the case. Consider Roxanne Fernando of Winnipeg who was brutally beat to death by her boyfriend Nathanael Plourde (with accomplices) because she refused to have an abortion.

A surprising number of people that have gone to a clinic to have an abortion are forced or pressured by parents, husband/ boyfriends, profit-driven abortion clinics, and friends. It is not pro-woman to force a mother to abort her child. She carries a human being in the womb and that human being possesses a right to life.

Sadly some women may be vulnerable to such compulsion, frightened and unaware of the selfish motives of others. But these women must be shown other options, including adoption and support centers for crisis pregnancy. There are many couples unable to conceive children and so will choose to adopt a child. Also there are support organizations that can assist with the care of mother and child as they establish a stable footing.

So to all new pro-lifers: open your eyes to the good you can do protecting both the dignity of motherhood and of human life. And, as you open your eyes, work to open the eyes of those around you!

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